With StealthGenie, No Need Of Cohabitation before Marriage

Living together before marriage is considered to be a great ‘sin’ in many religious ideologies. The concept is not just confined to few religious points of views but being objected at many fronts. With the passage of time, values have changed and religious preaching has been molded to one’s own comfort. Today’s generation it is comparatively abstruse to accept and act on the norms introduced thousands of years back. Lately, people are slaves to their satisfaction and obstinate towards their contentment. So, living under single roof without marriage is no longer a sin neither a crime, in fact it is accepted as an individual’s right to experiment their lives the way they want.


Cohabitation might have some complications involved, that are majorly financial and then threats of being living with a person, having multiple faces. Giving into a person who is totally insensitive towards your money and feelings might give a life time shock, which is hard to rise from. There are possibilities of getting trapped in terrorist activities and expose you to horrendous situations, leaving you abysmal towards life and own self. They might want to shift to get hold of your bank accounts or what not? It will be extremely irresponsible at your end if you have not contemplated on any of these grounds and blindly taking the most imperative and controversial step.  Why not have detailed insights of the partner you are planning to live with? Why not have views of their goods and bads and the things they are plainly ugly at? Isn’t it preferable to have a deep look of their personality which could be harmful and make you repent over your decision?

You must be nodding your head into a big ‘yes,’ with an obvious confused expression of ‘how.’  Where there is a will, there is a way. And in this case that way is StealthGenie Smartphone Spy Software. For concerned it is an angel with extremely wonderful and handy widget, tremendous outlook and convenient usage.  Cell phones have replaced the position of dogs in loyalty and friendship, nowadays it is considered to be a person’s best friend. That is why, to judge someone, it is highly recommended to sneak into their Calling and SMS history of all incoming and outgoing voice calls and SMS messages. StealthGenie offers unique services of ‘Redirect SMS’ which let the user to text back to any of the contacts mentioned in the target phone’s phonebook, similar service for Calls is ‘Live Call Interception,’ with this the user will be able to invade into any live call in process and listen to what they are talking about without giving clue to the target phone owner. That call can be recorded and even tapped for futuristic purposes.

StealthGenie’s features eliminates uncertainties among individuals and provide them confidence to lead a better life. Its tool kit is heavily freighted with immaculate features; one such is ‘Record Live Phone Surroundings’ enables the user to listen to what is happening at the whereabouts of target phone. The programs built-in StealthGenie will make a call from the online password protected interface to the target phone, the downloading application simply attends the call in the backdrop of the phone and record all the sounds up to 15 feet. Another advantage of StealthGenie is that the user is able to access all the Contacts, appointments, memos and calendar activities saved in the phone. furthermore, it allows sneaking into the web browser history and the information of what the user is browsing now; photos, videos, music files all are retrieved on the Member Area( online user interface), fulfilling a complete inside view of the phone.

Furthermore, it makes the partner capable of ‘Tracking the Real Time Location’ of the person, they are spying on; adding to it is the previous travel history of the user. The user can even set boundaries on map programmed on the Member Area, and gets notified whenever those boundaries are violated, it is done through ‘Geo Fencing’.

No, the features are not yet over, it can even ‘Lock’ the phone and stops the owner from using it without being notifying him to what is actually happening.  The user can even wipe out data from the target phone, but keep the backups on the account allotted.

StealthGenie understands that you are down with dumps but it is here to abate the worst and show the realities that might have been hidden in the depths, and there is no need to worry, because turn out can be an absolute delight as well. So, what else can serve you best in taking a decision of your life, it is undoubtedly StealthGenie Android Spy Software with all you desire. Now, you can confidently step into your new life with not even meeker but extinct chances of infidelity.