What is hidden in Easter Baskets?

April 21 1 Comment Category: Events & Festivals

Easter is a festival when everyone seems to be around their beloved ones. It is one festival that gathers all the friends and family members at one place. They celebrate this day by wishing each other by sending e-cards, greeting cards or Easter sms messages etc.  Today, Easter sms messages are considered to be the fastest means among the rest to send the wishes. Streets and houses get decorated with different form of floral arrangements. People use to have big family dine together on this day. However, Easter is incomplete if there would not be any Easter basket seen anywhere. As followed by the traditional beliefs, these baskets are usually filled with the jelly beans, chocolates, which are usually given up the shape of eggs and rabbits. Sometimes, hollow eggs are also present in these baskets, consists of coins, or other treats. But, people are not actually aware of the reasons and history behind these baskets.


Just like the tradition of Easter holiday, the baskets are also the result of the concurrence of the traditions coming along from various countries. Some say, that it roots back to the Judeo-Christian tradition, while others say it originated by pagan customs.

In times of ancient Europe, vernal was considered to be important. In fact, in times of Indo-Aryans- antecedents of most of the ethnic groups of Europe, Armenia, Kurdistan, Iran, Afghanistan and India. In those times, winters were long and considered to be bitter whereas spring was considered as a time of new life, rebirth and time of happiness.

People who belonged to Middle East, particularly Hebrews, Arabs, Babylonians, Assyrians, considered spring as the season to bring the first and foremost seed for the process of fertilization in agriculture sector. It has been noticed, that the Easter holiday always come on Sunday, and always come up on the day after the first full moon and spring equinox. Above all, farmers of the ancient times used to determine through the
phase of moon when to plant the seeds.

However, the tradition of Easter gift baskets is closely related to the culture of Western Christianity. In the religion of Romans, Easter is considered to be the only some part of their season of performing rituals which actually begin after the forty six days of Easter. Initially, it was included in the tradition of Roman Catholic families in carrying out the food in baskets to the Church so that they could get blessed by the priest first, just like they used to bring first seed of the season to grow into the temples first. Easter is considered to bring happiness with it, as it is the symbol to bring new life among people as they are born again with new spirit and new hopes. Easter sms messages are quoted in various interesting way to greet everyone. It is the time that you can also get along with your friends and family members, especially if there would have been any fight previously.
Easter is one of the best festivals in concern to unite families and to have good time together.