Track Your Employees & Save Your Business via Mobile Spy Software

May 19 8 Comments Category: Mobile Phones

If you are an employer, your business involves a lot of contribution of your employees for developing business, and they are on the go throughout the day for marketing purposes then this mobile spy software is just the right option for you. This mobile phone spy software is idyllic in the cases where you have a group of employees who are making calls to clients for giving presentations about your business also setting up meetings with them to personally go and put on the market your business. This mobile phone spy software works by uploading call logs, incoming/outgoing SMS, browsing history, calendar appointments, phonebook records, videos, photos and messenger history on an online interface to which only the buyer of this software has access to.


Mobile spy software is a brilliant make of StealthGenie, which is feature rich software and is easy to install in the target phone. It only takes few seconds to install the application in target phone and it is so undetectable that it works in the background without even letting the user know that there is something installed in their phones. It does not interrupt the general operation of the target phone and the user stays oblivious of the fact that they are being observed ad infinitum via this mobile spy software.

Mobile spy software offers real time tracking through which you can trace where your employee exactly is. If you feel that your employee is lying to you that he has visited the targeted number of clients then you can merely log on to the website and view online the complete location history of all the places your employee has visited. That way you will be able to identify whether or not they were lying to you. This mobile spy software will record surroundings through GPS navigation, a real time tracking feature.

In case of theft of the phone with a lot of important and confidential data related to your business you have the option of wiping it off with just a single click. You can press a button to backup and wipe data on the stolen phone. You can also listen to presentations made by your employees to your clients by getting in their calls with the click of a button. You can listen to the conversations without them having a slightest clue about it. This mobile spy software is extremely efficient and does not let the user know that it is running in their phones.

It is very easy with the help of StealthGenie mobile spy software to track your employees, abandon deceitful ones and improve the presentation skills of them by listening to their dialogue by identifying the major faults in it. Make use of this technical software fully and save your business by hiring the right employees and discarding the fraudulent ones. Take a step forward and improve your business by improving your employees

  • Billy

    I was searching for spying software in order to keep an eye on my employees. After reading this article I am inclined in using this software application as its features are seemingly quite impressive. But before buying it I want to have a free trial, is it offering one?

  • Aziz Ahmed

    Certainly, Billy the name itself is a good justification to the application……if you don’t believe you can try demo of StealthGenie.

  • Andy

    Don’t you think suspecting your employee without any proof is a bad idea?

  • Aziz Ahmed

    Andy Company’s secrets are of foremost importance in any organization so surveillance doesn’t mean that you are suspecting your employees, as the company’s loss is equal to employees’ loss.

  • Thomas

    Mobile surveillance software are always fun to use, in this regard, I have come across cost effective feature rich software, named StealthGenie. It has remarkable features and distilled sophistication. It has made catching suspected employees as easy as licking ice cream with eyes closed……….. :P

  • Aziz Ahmed

    Thomas, I agree to you, it is a great invention and catching attention rapidly.

  • Scorpion King

    I disagree to Andy and believe that employee screening is more sophisticated way to keep hold of a problem employee; StealthGenie might be an ultimate choice.

  • Aziz Ahmed

    I believe the same; I have used it myself and actually find it useful.