Ramadan & Its Blessings

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The ninth month of Islamic Lunar Calendar comes with great blessings and purification. Ramadan is one of the Islamic events in which the followers everywhere in the world are believed to refrain from drinking and eating during the day. In this holy month of Ramadan, the believers fast and avoid doing evil deeds which of course, every human does sometimes in a day. This month is all about rejuvenation and a very important occasion for every Muslim. A believer who fasts during the month of Ramadan is bound to abstain not only from eating, drinking but from every kind of evil deeds.


During the month of Ramadan, every member of the Muslim family tends to fast and re-evaluate his or her life according to the Islamic supervision. Ramadan also allows family members to get together and have their Ramadan meals together. It is the perfect time for a Muslim to seek forgiveness by doing good deeds and by having good thoughts. It is the time when one cleans up his body, mind and soul in order to start off with a peaceful life. In Arab, the word fasting is called “Sawm” while in some Asian parts the word is called “Roza”. However, the Arabic word “Sawm” means “to refrain”. When we talking about refraining, it does not only mean to avoid food or drink, it also means to abstain from every single evil action which includes both physical and mental needs.

Every Muslim has to fast during the month of Ramadan as it is obligatory. Fasting in the month of Ramadan starts daily a little before sunrise and ends as the sun sets. As Islam is a religion of love, peace and harmony, it never tends to put its believers into difficulties. Thus, fasting is not mandatory on Muslims who are mentally disabled or very old. Fasting in Ramadan is also not obligatory on small children, very ill people, pregnant women and travelers.

Ramadan Breakfast:

Ramadan is a very special occasion for Muslims all around the world. During this, the believers wake up early in the morning and have their Ramadan breakfast, which is called “Sehri” in many parts of Asia. Sehri should be done before the rising of sun and before the morning Fajr prayers. Families tend to prepare delicious breakfasts during Ramadan. A special Ramadan Sehri includes omelets, parathas, lassi, and yoghurt. However, many families prefer having their Ramadan breakfasts in restaurants. During Ramadan, many restaurants offer great breakfast deals and all the food lovers tend to prepare themselves for the fasting there. Breakfasts which are prepared for Ramadan’s Sehri is somewhat different from the normal ones, these are more in quantity and are special for the families as they all get together very early in the morning. Lassi is basically an Asian yogurt-based drink used widely in Asia. This refreshing drink is usually drunk after having a meal. Lassi is of two types; one is sweet lassi and the other is salted.  This yogurt-based drink is not only famous in Asia but in other parts of the world too. It is important for the believers to have a fine healthy breakfast that would help them run errands of the day. Many families arrange breakfasts and invite their relatives making it a memorable event during Ramadan. Wishing Ramadan and its arrival is an important thing to do, therefore, many people wish their relatives by sending Ramadan text messages. Composing beautiful Ramadan SMS is another preparatory ritual that is commonly practiced.

  • Muhammad Aslam

    It a famous saying “if you are so rich they why not poor”. If islam is such a perfect religion as your article is portraying, why muslims all over the world are a facing miseries and failures. They people who can’t organize themselves have no right to tell a lie about their religion.

  • Muhammad Aslam

    Sorry please correct the idiom. It was supposed to be “if you are that much intelligent why not rich”

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