Mobile VoIP Phones a Lucrative and Dynamic Industry

March 23 1 Comment Category: VOIP

Voice over internet communication (VoIP) is one of the most soaring modes of communication of the modern times. In a short span of 15 years it has managed to create a huge market for itself; simply because it delivers all the aspects which were previously forgotten by the traditional telephones. Understanding the needs and requirements of the users they have managed to bring a complete calling package and in the process slowly replaced the traditional landlines.  


Although VoIP phones have became a dominant force in the telephone industry but they lack such success in mobile phone communication. Initially internet communication was considered as a treat to the mobile telephony and to some extent it did but the fear of many companies is far less than the benefits they could reap from having VoIP phones as a part of their communication system. Let us discuss the gains and losses of mobile phone world by the compatibility of voice over internet communication.

Firstly many mobile service providers fear that the growing VoIP phone market is creating an imbalance in the customer distribution ratio effecting the standing and popularity of mobile phones. Until recently mobile phones were amongst the most widely used communication medium in the world but after the sudden flux in the growth of VoIP phones many of their loyal customers have moved towards the other side. Plus the reason mobile phone providers do not allow the usage of internet telephony is because it requires specific mobile phones to work. Only those handsets which allow third party software to run can be used as internet telephony handsets. This technology has only recently been developed in the shape of smart phones which are expensive to manufacture and use. Above were the paramount reasons why mobiles have not yet been made internet telephony compatible but the reasons below are arguments substantial enough to make mobile phone industry re-think its stand on VoIP phones.

Internet phones with them have a huge financial background that supports the cause of the mobile phone industry. In a short span of time VoIP phones have gathered a huge backing and demand which can be seen from the reversal of iPhone’s decision against the opposition of Voice over Internet protocol communication. Initially apple and its partners were against the usage of their machine as a source of internet communication but after the huge demand and many people using unfair means they reversed their decision and now apple has multiple soft wares on its platform allowing user the VoIP compatibility.

Also VoIP phones are a growing business of over 400 million dollars worth of revenue generation since 2008 making it a lucrative business that has both rooms to grow and expand and deliver. Also by collaborating both mobile phones and VoIP phones revenue of $21 million is expected; making it beneficiary venture for the both fields.

On the technological end all mobile phones need to do is develop its platform to a level making it compatible to internet communication, because most of the technology already exists.