Internet Phone Service – A New Way to Talk

April 15 5 Comments Category: VOIP

Internet has been around for more than two decades. Many of the developments in today’s modern world owe its success to the introduction of internet. One of these technologies that had been introduced by internet long ago but took time to mature is the VoIP or voice over internet protocol service. Telephone users who have always been struggling to find a good phone alternate can now switch to VoIP and enjoy the service without any problem. Let us review how the internet phone is better in its offerings than the average telephone service.


Call plans

The first major difference is that of the number of call plans that internet phone offers when compared to the telephone service. Telephone service providers have always struggled to find a lot of call plan options to offer to their subscribers. Internet phone on the other hand offers a range of plans to all its users. Businesses and individuals both are offered plans that are particularly made to attend to all their calling needs. Choosing the right plan not only offers more cost savings but also ensures that no important need of a VoIP user goes unattended.

Call features

Features are also very important for the phone users. Telephone users have never been offered too many features so they can choose a service that delivers all their requirements through them. Telephone services have always offered very few basic features to their subscribers. Whenever telephone subscribers needed additional features they had to opt for more features by paying heavily to their service providers. But in case of the internet phone subscribers, they don’t have to pay too much money to their service providers. Most of the internet phone providers offer call plans that have got all the basic and most of the advanced features in them so they rarely have to pay more to get more features. Axvoice and other major VoIP providers offer feature rich services to their customers.


Internet phone is technologically way ahead of the telephone. It uses the digital signaling technology instead of the analog signals which increases the voice quality by far. Secondly, depending on the internet as a medium of carrying voice instead of the copper wire increases the reliability of VoIP’s service for its customers. These are just two of the main advantages that VoIP subscribers can enjoy because of the improvement in the technology.


VoIP services offer portability that telephone service providers don’t offer at all. Now home phone users as well as business phone users; both can enjoy using their phone from any part of the world. They just need to have their VoIP phone with them and a reliably fast internet connection to connect their phone to. This way they can easily carry around their phone and also save the phoning cost that they had to incur while outside.

How to find a good VoIP?

Never fall for any of the tall claims by VoIP services. Always search for the right internet phone service before finalizing one. You should always consider the costs versus benefits and also go through the customer reviews, as they will help you easily decide on the right service.