Ramadan & Its Blessings

July 30 4 Comments

The ninth month of Islamic Lunar Calendar comes with great blessings and purification. Ramadan is one of the Islamic events in which the followers everywhere in the world are believed to refrain from drinking and eating during the day. In this holy month of Ramadan, the believers fast and avoid doing evil deeds which of [...]

With StealthGenie, No Need Of Cohabitation before Marriage

July 11 2 Comments

Living together before marriage is considered to be a great ‘sin’ in many religious ideologies. The concept is not just confined to few religious points of views but being objected at many fronts. With the passage of time, values have changed and religious preaching has been molded to one’s own comfort. Today’s generation it is [...]

Trouble Trusting Your Child? Here’s How You Can Be Sure

June 24 1 Comment

If you speak to parents of teenagers they will all tell you that they don’t know how much of the story that their children are telling them is true and how much is fabricated. With the increasing demands of the work place and parents fighting to provide their children with every opportunity that life has [...]

Motorola Xoom – Device for Android Supported Mobile VoIP at a Glance

May 31 0 Comments

An initial insight into Motorola Xoom – the first android based Google tablet, reveals the following aspects of the device to the user. Motorola Xoom is comparable to a full PC. The user after having initial tries of installing certain mobile VoIP applications and performing certain relevant tasks realizes that the device is more than [...]

Track Your Employees & Save Your Business via Mobile Spy Software

May 19 8 Comments

If you are an employer, your business involves a lot of contribution of your employees for developing business, and they are on the go throughout the day for marketing purposes then this mobile spy software is just the right option for you. This mobile phone spy software is idyllic in the cases where you have [...]

HTC Evo Shift 4G and Use of Internet Phone Service

May 03 3 Comments

HTC has always been amongst the forerunners in offering excellent quality smart phones to its customers. Its offerings have always been market competitive and have provided the phone users with best of the mobile phone technology out there. Let us see what EVO shift has in it for us. HTC Evo Shift 4G quick specs [...]

What is hidden in Easter Baskets?

April 21 1 Comment

Easter is a festival when everyone seems to be around their beloved ones. It is one festival that gathers all the friends and family members at one place. They celebrate this day by wishing each other by sending e-cards, greeting cards or Easter sms messages etc.  Today, Easter sms messages are considered to be the [...]

Internet Phone Service – A New Way to Talk

April 15 5 Comments

Internet has been around for more than two decades. Many of the developments in today’s modern world owe its success to the introduction of internet. One of these technologies that had been introduced by internet long ago but took time to mature is the VoIP or voice over internet protocol service. Telephone users who have [...]

Mobile VoIP Phones a Lucrative and Dynamic Industry

March 23 1 Comment

Voice over internet communication (VoIP) is one of the most soaring modes of communication of the modern times. In a short span of 15 years it has managed to create a huge market for itself; simply because it delivers all the aspects which were previously forgotten by the traditional telephones. Understanding the needs and requirements [...]

VoIP Phone Service Takes a Jump into the Fashion Favorites!

March 15 9 Comments

VoIP phone service and its amazing benefits are gradually taking over almost every field now. It started with the business sector of the telecom industry and expanded itself to the residential usage by the people. Today, many businesses find it impossible to survive without using the VoIP services in their daily routine work and the [...]

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